Act 3: a tiny rally

An impression of the tiny menifestation

After all the incitement in Berlin newspapers for a whole week and an announced broad support of whole Berlin against the 13th Conference of Palestinians in Europe, the support of all parties in Berlin parliament, the whole engagement of Berlin citizens mounted in – about 100 participants. Ok, let’s be generous, there might have been a top of about 120 (whereas I don’t know how many of them were Pegidians)  – but not longer than for 15 minutes!

Speaker at the opening of manifestation claimed Berlin to be a city open to the world. Well, obviously his world did not include Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims – estimated more than 1,5 billions. His world might also not include the broad majority of nations in UN – seems his world consists of the city of Berlin and Israel, ok, far over the sea may be also USA, but that’s all.

The 2nd speaker, a zionist who claimed to be authorized from Simon-Wiesenthal-Center to give a greeting, declared how extremely dangerous the participants of this conference should be. So dangerous that a holocaust surviver did not dare to demonstrate! What a courage the counter-demonstrators had!

Ok, some from the press might look a bit dangerous, strolling around with cameras and big long sticks – but you should imagine that Palestinians came here with whole families, Mom and Dad and Granny and Granpa and small and big children – all threatning the jewish life in Germany. There is a row of tents with food, dresses and art exhibitions. So viewing this peaceful athmosphere his speach was comedy pure. Several times I had to turn my back to the anti-demostration because I was shaken from laughing about this mini-counter-demonstration. As we say in Germany: the mountain was in labour and gave birth to a mouse.

He especially spoke against the right of return. This should be single in the world as well as inherited refugee status of Palestinians. Well, but what about the Zionists? They even claim a right of return since about 50 to 100, when the Romans destroyed temple and state. The argument is a squib load.

The next speaker was Mussawi from Green Party of Iran.  Unfortunately after that amusing speech before he was extremely boring and it seems that everybody was grateful to some Palestinian youths marching some 50m away with Palestinian flags shouting „Free, free Palestine“. Which was answered from a group less than half with some Israel pennants with „Free Gaza from Hamas“. Some entertainment.

At 11:00 Volker Beck, announced as good friend and supporter of Israel, gave his speech. He claimed the two state solution and also right of return, but not to Israel. Which was answered with boos from Palestinian side. The right of return should not be inherited, but he called for assimilation of Palestinian refugees in the Arab guest countries and accused these states of not being willing to do that. He claimed that he himself is descent of a family of Czech expellee and that he himself did not inherit that status; after war Czecoslovakia expelled the Germans living there. What also he never asked: whether Palestinians want that. Everybody of them claims to know what is good for the Palestinians. Oliver Höfinghoff, the last speaker, former pirate party member in Berlin Parliament, knows that a Monte Carlo in Gaza would be good for the Palestinians. Of course he did not ask whether the Palestinians want a casino with a state around in Gaza,

gegen Deutschland
A typical anti-german banner: „Against Islamism, anti-semitism and homophobia. Down with Germany, for the communism“ (typically written with „c“ and not with „k“ as in correct German

Hakan Tas from Die Linke Berlin gave his own special version of Palestine conflict: the problem is not the border to Israel. The problem is Hamas. Well …
And he accused provokations. Unfortunately there was nobody there to provoke. The participants of the conference had other interests and only police, press and two, three organisators were watching it quietly.

The last speaker, Oliver Höfinghoff, tried to tune up the spirit a bit by agitating  paroles against Hamas – but the counter-demonstration, now about only 80 left, were not in the mood to answer.

So all in all that counter demonstration was a very harmless tiny manifestation that did not interest the Palestinians at congress and obviously also not the citizens of Berlin.