Palestinians Conference Act 2: the Logo

After it should be clear to the Israel lobby that Germany is not Israel, where a conference of Palestinians in Europe can be easily banned, they mobilize now for a counter-demonstration. Among others, on Facebook. Where the conference is being falsely declared equal to a proHamas meeting.

The bone of contention is the logo of the conference. Because there has something to be found. Even in a comment to the blogLogo post „Israel Lobby aims to prevent Palestinians conference“ was asked: why no Israeli flag? Well, why should she? What does she have to do with a conference of Palestinians in Europe, which takes place in Germany?

Though well known Green Parties MP Volker Beck twitterd about the logo: „Hi, Inge Höger, Annette Groh, where is Israel on the map? Can we agree that this is a NoGo?“

Well, the inclined reader will notice that also the EU would not be there if the logo would would be a political map. But it isn’t. This map shows Palestine, the Palestine of the United Nations in Resolution 181, the Palestine the partition plan dealt with, it was the basis of the partition plan. And what you divide is a whole.

In this Palestine predominantly Palestinians lived. Also, in the portion which is now Israel. And also the Palestinians in Europe include some that are descendants of those who in 1948 shortly before or shortly after the declaration of independence of Israel fled during Nakba due to Israeli atrocities or were expelled. Some still hold the keys to the homes they owned and they keep upright their will and right to return, a claim which the UN has also always maintained. It just is the like: Israel has existed only since 1948. But Palestine much, much longer, it has already been sung by medieval German poet Walther von der Vogelweide. Nothing to be done against it. And relationships the Zionists construct to find a far-fetched reason to protest which they would do anyhow, can not be of interest for the sober mind. 

2. Titelblatt der Webseite der Jewish Defense League JDL Germany
2nd cover of the website of the Jewish Defense League JDL Germany

In addition, we may reasonably assume that the hypocritical indignation against the Congress of Palestinians in Europe first and foremost are driven by sympathizers of those who not only reject the existence of Palestinians at all, but claim themselves the whole of Palestine what am I saying, Palestine ? Jordan, Sinai, Eastern Egypt and still some more. According to that one should esteem the testimony of the antiPalestine Groups.

Now the Berliner Zeitung runned amok against the conference: Hamas expects thousands of followers in Berlin“ and declared Hamas to the organizer of the conference. It smells a little like conspiracy theory. Fact is all at all that Hamas does not organize this conference. So they boldly declare, weeeell, the real organizer is just a cover because „to open sympathy for Hamas could hurt their cause,“ but in reality … instead they argue that the deputy leader of the Turkish AKP will speak and there in Turkey  Hamas holds an office you go wrong in assuming that the Berliner Zeitung probably would have liked if Germany were to break with this argument diplomatic relations with Turkey?

Nevertheless, of course the usual suspects of the Israel lobby and the anti-German front mobilize for a rally against the Palestinians Congress. Well, that’s nothing special. They demonstrate every weekend, at least, sometimes against this, sometimes for that, others go to the Sunday service, the Anti-Germans and youngIsrael lobbyists (often they are both in the same person) go just for rally. It is part of their folklore.

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