Evil and Inhuman


70 years ago, on August 6th, 1945, 140,000 people got killed following the first use of an atomic bomb as a weapon in Hiroshima, immediately or in the next few months. Three days later, caused by the second atomic bombing in Nagasaki, 70,000 people died. Roughly. Because nobody counts the mass. Quite a few are not even mourned, when nobody has survived, who would do. The death of such crowds in one spot of the earth is not only anonymous, it also makes the previous life anonymous. Such a weapon kills not only the individual human life, it also destroys its value.

Only the mass gets a number.

„Evil and inhuman“ the mayor of Hiroshima called the atomic bomb. Evil, a rarely used fundamental ethical judgment – here it is appropriate. A simple, clear and true word.


It remains unaware of what caused even more victims among the Japanese civilian population: conventional weapons, used in carpet bombing. The bombing of Tokyo on 9th March, 1945 was a terrorist attack. Callously calculated on as extensive destruction as possible and the highest possible number of victims among the civilian population. The weaponry napalm was used; target were the neighborhoods with the most wooden houses, because they burn best. From the objective it makes no difference whether one commits mass murder of civilians by detonating bombs, phosphorus, napalm, barrel bombs or atomic bombs: the goal is always the destruction of all life within the ambit.


It is generally unacceptable that many fixate on nuclear bombs and nuclear disarmament, when it comes to the subject of peace; and they completely overlook the fact that since the 200,000 victims of the two atomic bombs millions of civilians were killed through ordinary conventional weapons. Even the simple Kalashnikov has considerably killed more people than nuclear weapons.

By comparison, nuclear weapons are a Western luxury problem. And the phrase „Peace with Weapons“ is revealed as what it is: an illusion.


The pragmatist, to whom human lives mean more than pious wishful thinking, will focus on conventional weapons. On the enforcement of what is laid down in the “ Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts (Protocol I), 8 June 1977″ (https://www.icrc.org/ihl/INTRO/470), which indeed involves the use of nuclear weapons. Certainly, a number of countries, some important countries, have not signed this Additional Protocol (see annex in link). But doesn’t lose that importance if the signatory states agree that this Protocol shall be applied and act accordingly against a State which violates it, whether that State signed or not?

In any armed conflict, the right of the Parties to the conflict to choose methods or means of warfare is not unlimited.
(Article 35, basic rules)

homs Reuters
Homs, Syria (photo: reuters)


Of course, the implementation of this Protocol sets an advance: the respect for the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the respect of its judgments. Even ICC is not acknowledged by each State. But: would it not be a big step forward, if one could move the signatory states to treat convicted war criminals indeed as outlaws? This could of course ask for sacrifices from us. Mainly such of an economic nature. But should it not be worth , if mass murder would be at least more difficult because of unpleasant consequences for the killers?

Gaza Trümmer

These mass murders were always pointless and will always be. Neither Hamburg nor Dresden, neither Tokyo nor Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to the surrender (and also Hitler’s alleged “wonder weapon” would not have pressed the Allies to a peace settlement). Hitler killed himself when the Russians stood in front of Berlin and Japan capitulated when the Russians entered the war. Neither the German nor the Japanese governance were impressed through mass murder of civilians. Especially criminal leaderships do not care about; they are only glad of the great opportunities for propaganda purposes.

What remains is senseless murder, vanity of States and their generals paid with the blood of tens of thousands: why do we destroy entire neighborhoods along with their whole populations, included dog, cat and mouse? Because we can.

Act 3: a tiny rally

An impression of the tiny menifestation

After all the incitement in Berlin newspapers for a whole week and an announced broad support of whole Berlin against the 13th Conference of Palestinians in Europe, the support of all parties in Berlin parliament, the whole engagement of Berlin citizens mounted in – about 100 participants. Ok, let’s be generous, there might have been a top of about 120 (whereas I don’t know how many of them were Pegidians)  – but not longer than for 15 minutes!

Speaker at the opening of manifestation claimed Berlin to be a city open to the world. Well, obviously his world did not include Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims – estimated more than 1,5 billions. His world might also not include the broad majority of nations in UN – seems his world consists of the city of Berlin and Israel, ok, far over the sea may be also USA, but that’s all.

The 2nd speaker, a zionist who claimed to be authorized from Simon-Wiesenthal-Center to give a greeting, declared how extremely dangerous the participants of this conference should be. So dangerous that a holocaust surviver did not dare to demonstrate! What a courage the counter-demonstrators had!

Ok, some from the press might look a bit dangerous, strolling around with cameras and big long sticks – but you should imagine that Palestinians came here with whole families, Mom and Dad and Granny and Granpa and small and big children – all threatning the jewish life in Germany. There is a row of tents with food, dresses and art exhibitions. So viewing this peaceful athmosphere his speach was comedy pure. Several times I had to turn my back to the anti-demostration because I was shaken from laughing about this mini-counter-demonstration. As we say in Germany: the mountain was in labour and gave birth to a mouse.

He especially spoke against the right of return. This should be single in the world as well as inherited refugee status of Palestinians. Well, but what about the Zionists? They even claim a right of return since about 50 to 100, when the Romans destroyed temple and state. The argument is a squib load.

The next speaker was Mussawi from Green Party of Iran.  Unfortunately after that amusing speech before he was extremely boring and it seems that everybody was grateful to some Palestinian youths marching some 50m away with Palestinian flags shouting „Free, free Palestine“. Which was answered from a group less than half with some Israel pennants with „Free Gaza from Hamas“. Some entertainment.

At 11:00 Volker Beck, announced as good friend and supporter of Israel, gave his speech. He claimed the two state solution and also right of return, but not to Israel. Which was answered with boos from Palestinian side. The right of return should not be inherited, but he called for assimilation of Palestinian refugees in the Arab guest countries and accused these states of not being willing to do that. He claimed that he himself is descent of a family of Czech expellee and that he himself did not inherit that status; after war Czecoslovakia expelled the Germans living there. What also he never asked: whether Palestinians want that. Everybody of them claims to know what is good for the Palestinians. Oliver Höfinghoff, the last speaker, former pirate party member in Berlin Parliament, knows that a Monte Carlo in Gaza would be good for the Palestinians. Of course he did not ask whether the Palestinians want a casino with a state around in Gaza,

gegen Deutschland
A typical anti-german banner: „Against Islamism, anti-semitism and homophobia. Down with Germany, for the communism“ (typically written with „c“ and not with „k“ as in correct German

Hakan Tas from Die Linke Berlin gave his own special version of Palestine conflict: the problem is not the border to Israel. The problem is Hamas. Well …
And he accused provokations. Unfortunately there was nobody there to provoke. The participants of the conference had other interests and only police, press and two, three organisators were watching it quietly.

The last speaker, Oliver Höfinghoff, tried to tune up the spirit a bit by agitating  paroles against Hamas – but the counter-demonstration, now about only 80 left, were not in the mood to answer.

So all in all that counter demonstration was a very harmless tiny manifestation that did not interest the Palestinians at congress and obviously also not the citizens of Berlin.

Palestinians Conference Act 2: the Logo

After it should be clear to the Israel lobby that Germany is not Israel, where a conference of Palestinians in Europe can be easily banned, they mobilize now for a counter-demonstration. Among others, on Facebook. Where the conference is being falsely declared equal to a proHamas meeting.

The bone of contention is the logo of the conference. Because there has something to be found. Even in a comment to the blogLogo post „Israel Lobby aims to prevent Palestinians conference“ was asked: why no Israeli flag? Well, why should she? What does she have to do with a conference of Palestinians in Europe, which takes place in Germany?

Though well known Green Parties MP Volker Beck twitterd about the logo: „Hi, Inge Höger, Annette Groh, where is Israel on the map? Can we agree that this is a NoGo?“

Well, the inclined reader will notice that also the EU would not be there if the logo would would be a political map. But it isn’t. This map shows Palestine, the Palestine of the United Nations in Resolution 181, the Palestine the partition plan dealt with, it was the basis of the partition plan. And what you divide is a whole.

In this Palestine predominantly Palestinians lived. Also, in the portion which is now Israel. And also the Palestinians in Europe include some that are descendants of those who in 1948 shortly before or shortly after the declaration of independence of Israel fled during Nakba due to Israeli atrocities or were expelled. Some still hold the keys to the homes they owned and they keep upright their will and right to return, a claim which the UN has also always maintained. It just is the like: Israel has existed only since 1948. But Palestine much, much longer, it has already been sung by medieval German poet Walther von der Vogelweide. Nothing to be done against it. And relationships the Zionists construct to find a far-fetched reason to protest which they would do anyhow, can not be of interest for the sober mind. 

2. Titelblatt der Webseite der Jewish Defense League JDL Germany
2nd cover of the website of the Jewish Defense League JDL Germany

In addition, we may reasonably assume that the hypocritical indignation against the Congress of Palestinians in Europe first and foremost are driven by sympathizers of those who not only reject the existence of Palestinians at all, but claim themselves the whole of Palestine what am I saying, Palestine ? Jordan, Sinai, Eastern Egypt and still some more. According to that one should esteem the testimony of the antiPalestine Groups.

Now the Berliner Zeitung runned amok against the conference: Hamas expects thousands of followers in Berlin“ and declared Hamas to the organizer of the conference. It smells a little like conspiracy theory. Fact is all at all that Hamas does not organize this conference. So they boldly declare, weeeell, the real organizer is just a cover because „to open sympathy for Hamas could hurt their cause,“ but in reality … instead they argue that the deputy leader of the Turkish AKP will speak and there in Turkey  Hamas holds an office you go wrong in assuming that the Berliner Zeitung probably would have liked if Germany were to break with this argument diplomatic relations with Turkey?

Nevertheless, of course the usual suspects of the Israel lobby and the anti-German front mobilize for a rally against the Palestinians Congress. Well, that’s nothing special. They demonstrate every weekend, at least, sometimes against this, sometimes for that, others go to the Sunday service, the Anti-Germans and youngIsrael lobbyists (often they are both in the same person) go just for rally. It is part of their folklore.

Israel Lobby wants to prevent Conference of Palestinians in Berlin

Flyer Palästinenserkonferenz (2)
Flyer of 13th Conference of Palestinians in Europe

On Saturday, April 25, this year, the 13th Conference of Palestinians in Europe will be held in Berlin. A nuisance to the Israel lobby in Germany. Even in these times when a right-wing government determines policy of Israel and its equipment , they also  follow her like sheep their shepherd. So they make the attempt to prevent this conference , as we already know it from visit of Max Blumenthal and David Sheen in Berlin.

The conference can look back on an illustrious group of guests. Announced are the Scottish MP John Finnie, British MPs Hugh Dykes, Baroness Tessa and Lord Norman Warner, MEPs Pat Sheehan and Norbert Heuser SPD,  Annette Groth (Die Linke) MdB, as well as Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, founder of the Palestinian National Initiative, Dr. Raed Nuirat of the An-Najah National University, the first Palestinian university that received the European excellence certificate, Jamal Rayyan from al-Jazeera, the Orthodox priest Manuel Musallam, the Palestinian Ambassador Dr. Khouloud Daibes, of course, the deputy chairman of Turkey’s AKP Yasin Aktay and last but not least, the Moroccan Minister for Justice and freedom Mustafa Ramid.

You have to keep that in mind in order to understand the audacity with which

Bild Jüdische Allgemeine
Photo the Jüdische Allgemeine decorated her smearing article with

the „Jüdische Allgemeine“ struggles to prevent this conference – while they simply re-classify it as a pro-Hamas meeting, enriched with a martial photo with men masked with towels with axes in their hands. Hate mongering at its best.

„Around 3,000 supporters of the radical Islamist terrorist organization“ should be expected, the „Jüdische Allgemeine“ wrote. Well, it fits into the already familiar Zionist propaganda for the affected, since the Nazi lobe is now worn plentiful, they now swing the Hamas-lobe. Likewise indiscriminately. There an Orthodox priest or a British Baroness suddenly becomes a potential Islamist terrorists. A German MEP as Islamist sleeper in the European Parliament? If the ISIS knew, to whom Netanyahu named Hamas already as equal, how envy would they be!
Israel lobbyist Reinhold Robbe SPD, senior member of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag, who already became known with the Blumenthal / Sheen affair, just felt at all the stops, „Who attacs Israel in Germany and questiones the right of existence of the Jewish state, this shall not receive any platform. “ Don’t let’s argue about the truth behind that content, that is idle. Essential is: Palestine shall be silenced.
In the same tune, of course, comes the „Jüdische Allgemeine“ and is not ashamed to use the worst propaganda and slander. She writes:
The Chairman of the Keren Hayesod Germany and Berlin attorney Nathan Gelbart poses up the question,  facing the anti-semitism of the organizers, „what is the value of the memory morale in Germany, when in the middle of Berlin antisemites and murderers are offered a platform.“ The right of assembly and police law gives the security authorities sufficiently handle to prevent the meeting of Hamas sympathizers.
We re-read the above guest list. Reput“able parliamentarians, the Moroccan Minister of Justice, slandered from some random lawyer as anti-Semites and murderers.But  the „Jüdische Allgemeine“ has only given back what Gelbart has said to her.  Really?

On request of the „Jüdische Allgemeine, why the spaces were rented out to organizations that are close to the radical Islamist Hamas, the Arena Berlin said: „We can give informations about current contractual arrangements and contractual content. We ask for your understanding.“
This also follows the method Blumenthal / Sheen affair: if you can not help prevent pro-Palestinian events, just try to force the landlord for breach of contract.
Of course Volker Beck (Green Party), Chairman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group, demonstrated his respect to his mastersand declared anyone who wants to attend this conference, including the related organizations, to people with genocidal desires, who approve the extermination of the Jews.
It is now not the first time that the German-Israeli lobby seeks to prevent Palestinian events, to silence Palestinians and the ones in solidarity with them. There was such an attempt in 2011, at that time the conference was held in Wuppertal. At that time the AJC (American Jewish Committee), one of the most influential and most notorious lobby organizations in the United States who seek to operate worldwide as a global Jewish advocacy, exceled  with an open letter to the City council of Wuppertal.
Of course, in vain.

Update April 17, 2015

according to Erhard Arendt from „Palästina-Portal“ from Jüdische Allgemeine quoted „Berlin attorney Nathan Gelbart“ is the attorney of notorious Henryk. M. Broder. So we also find the footprints of this old chum in the affair.

Ein Dialog mit Volker Beck / A Dialog with Volker Beck

Dieser Twitter-Dialog ist so exemplarisch, dass ich ihn in Deutsch und Englisch verblogge.

Zwar tauchen auch hier die immer wieder gleichen Argumente der Zionisten auf, die Individualität vermissen lassen, doch ist es ganz praktisch, hierüber mal wieder einen komprimierten Überblick zu haben.

Starring Volker Beck
Starring Volker Beck

Volker Beck, Grüne, geboren 1960 bei Stuttgart, ist seit 1994 Mitglied des deutschen Bundestags für Köln (zu meinem Bedauern, muss ich sagen). Dazu für seine Fraktion innenpolitischer Sprecher und Sprecher für Religionspolitik. Aber auch noch Vorsitzender der deutsch-israelischen Parlamentariergruppe des Deutschen Bundestages.

Volker Beck ist schwul. Bekennend schwul. Und für Schwulenrechte hat er sich stets tapfer eingesetzt und dabei durchaus schon mal einen Stein an den Kopf oder kurzfristig Haft abbekommen.

Starring Otla Pinnow

Der Kontrahent bin ich selbst, Otla Pinnow.

This dialog on Twitter is such a show case that I put it on my blog, both in German and English.

Even here always the same arguments of the Zionists pop up over and over again; a lack of individuality, but it comes in handy to get once again a condensed overview.

Volker Beck, Grüne (Green party), born in 1960 in Stuttgart, since 1994 member of the German Bundestag for Cologne (to my regret, I must say).  Also home affairs spokesman and spokesman for religious policy for his group. But also Chairman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group of the German Bundestag.

Volker Beck is gay. Confessing gay. And he has done well bravely for gay rights , even when he had gotten a stone on the head or short-term detention.

The counterpart is me, Otla Pinnow.

So let’s start.


Beck: Demonstration 12.4. 13:00 through Berlin-Neukölln against homophobia. We have the right to live how we are.


Stephan Lubs: Is it not that you can live how you are? You want a law obligating everyone to see gays/lesbians/shemales great?

Beck: Hostility towards human beings related to their peer group shall not be tolerated, neither from far right wingers nor from islamists or haters from the center.



Pinnow: The worst baiting I ever met in life was from anti-germans („Antideutsche“) and far right zionists. For such people, I only have naked contempt.


Beck: Is this also true for Hamas? #naked contempt


Pinnow: We have nothing to do with Hamas. The continuous efforts to refer to Hamas as an excuse, are just laughable.


Pinnow: Belongs to set ritual by the way. When „nazi“ (as roorback) becomes non-credible, they take Hamas instead.


Beck: Who is „You“? („We“)


Pinnow: Modern Arab democrats. There is Arab Spring also in Palestine.


Beck: What has this to do with forced marriage in Neukölln (cause of demonstration)


Pinnow: You were the one to mention far right, islamists and haters from the center.


Beck: Hamas are not islamists?

Pinnow: Surely they are. But here subject is haters.

Beck: Just that, Hamas are also haters. Objects of their hatred are democrats, the PLO, jews, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people), emancipated women.


Pinnow: „But, but, but look, what he did“ is kindergarden level. By the way, you forgot the zionists. Hamas holds off very. I was not yet flamed by them.


Beck: Send me the link to Hamas Human Rights violations on imemc.org – I did not find anything about that.


Pinnow: Since when is it up to you to order with what IMEMC has to deal with?


Beck: Who defames zionism (home of the jews) as such has a rafter loose or is an anti-semite.

Pinnow: That’s a legal question. And not of some books holy for somebody, but of law of nations. My family are Libyans. Also Libya was once claimed by Italy as their property referring to ancient Rome


Beck: According to the law of nations the borders from 1967 are not questionable. Member of UN – but Hamas doesn’t care about it.


Pinnow: #AskHamas, not me, I don’t belong to Hamas. Of course Israel in the borders of 1967 has to be questioned. At the moment, when she annexes whole Palestine. Then this is no more valid. So depends from Israel. Doesn’t say Hamas, by the way, Kerry said.


Beck: They are also to be questioned when you buckle a dynamite belt on. #stupidArgumentation


Pinnow: I hope the father of your thought was not the wish 🙂 I for sure will not buckle a dynamite belt on.
#stupidArgumentation well, when you just say it yourself – no objections.


Beck: And Israel did not annex West Bank and Gaza.


Pinnow: The far right zionists should recant the belief that one can change facts with words. The West Bank is officially acknowledged occupied. Who wants to speak against that, is doing like in the old car driver joke: watch there is a wrong-way-driver on the highway. – One? Ten, twenty, fifty, hundred! – Gaza is called the biggest open air prison. Since when are prisoner camps autonomic?


Beck: You know the difference between occupied and annexed?


Surely. But to abrogate facts is like some German right wingers (group Reichsdeutsche) and similar figures do. They say there is no German state because there is no peace treaty. And homelands are against law of nations as well.


What is called how from whom is irrelevant.


That’s it. Who builds settlements and establishes homelands, annexes and wants to stay. And East Jerusalem  is even very officially claimed as annexed.

Neues aus dem Zionisten-Manual: Israel verteidigen

Kurz und knackig eine präzise Zusammenfassung der auf zionistischer Seite aktuell besonders gern benutzen Argumente, wie sie nicht nur in den social media erscheinen, sondern auch in diversen Berichten, Kommentaren und Interviews in den internationalen Medien (english original version,  which is an excellent summary of the actual zionist arguments, at the end of this post).

Sie werden derzeit dermaßen konstant und oft angeführt, dass es angemessen ist, sie in einem ‚Manual‘ aufzulisten.

  1. Nenne die Personen Antisemiten, selbst wenn sie Juden sind.Break glass &% shout antisemitism
  2. Streite ab, dass Palästina existiert. (Wenn sie argumentieren: „Salvador, Guatemala, Kongo und Algerien seien vor ihrer Unabhängigkeit auch keine Staaten gewesen und dennoch würde niemand denken, es sei gerechtfertigt, ihre Häuser, Höfe und Unternehmen zu konfiszieren“ > gehe zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  3. Lenk die Schuld ab auf Hamas. (Wenn sie fragen, warum diese Fehde längst im Gange war, bevor Hamas sich gründete > gehe zurück zu Nr. 1)
  4. Behaupte, die Palästinenser hätten die Brutalität verdient, mit der Israel sie schlägt, weil sie für Hamas gestimmt hätten. (Wenn sie entgegnen, das sei die gleiche Entschuldigung, die Bin Laden dafür gebraucht habe, dass er das WTC in die Luft sprengen und amerikanische Zivilisten töten ließ > gehe zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  5. Fordere ein Rückkehrrecht für die Juden, weil sie dort vor Tausenden Jahren gelebt hätten. (Wenn sie entgegnen, die palästinensischen Flüchtlinge hätten ebenso ein Rückkehrrecht, weil die meisten von ihnen ethnisch gesäubert wurden und immer noch die Schlüssel zu ihren früheren Häusern haben > gehe zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  6. Erwähne, Sharon habe Gaza den Palästinensern gegeben, es stünde nicht länger unter Besatzung, dennoch würde Hamas Raketen auf Israel abfeuern. (Wenn sie anführen, dass Israel immer noch Gazas Luftraum, Gazas territoriale Gewässer und Gazas Grenzen kontrolliere > kehre zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  7. Gib die Schuld anderen Arabern, weil sie ihre palästinensischen arabischen Brüder nicht in ihrem Land willkommen hießen. (Wenn sie argumentieren, die Palästinenser hätten das Recht auf Selbstbestimmung und andere arabische Staaten seien nicht dazu da, die Schweinerei auf zu kehren, die Europa, die USA und Israel veranstaltet hätten > kehre zurück zu Nr. 1.)

Zionist manual

Leitfaden zur Verteidigung Israels / How to defend Israel

Don’t understand German? Scroll down and you find the original I translated.

Es gibt einen neuen Leitfaden für Zionisten – den alten hatte ich hier vorgestellt – den ich Ihnen nicht vorenthalten möchte, hat er doch für jeden, der sich gerade auch wegen des Gaza-Krieges mit Israels Politik auseinander setzt, lustigen Wiedererkennungswert.
Dem mir unbekannten Autor sei hiermit der Dank der Palästina-Solidarität ausgesprochen.

Empfohlen sei dieser Leitfaden hiermit auch den Teilnehmern pro-israelischer Demonstrationen und ihrer medialen Begleiter, denn eine solche kurze Anleitung ist vielleicht einfacher und schneller zu lesen, als die doch etwas geschraubteren, die sie andernorts finden.


Zionisten-Manual: wie Israel zu verteidigen ist

  1. Nennen Sie die betreffenden Personen Antisemiten, auch wenn sie Juden sind.
  2. Bestreiten Sie, dass es Palästina gibt. (Wenn sie argumentieren, Salvador, Guatemala, Kongo und Algerien hatten auch nie Staaten vor ihrer Unabhängigkeit und dennoch würde niemand glauben, es sei gerechtfertigt, Häuser, Farmen und Unternehmen ihrer Bürger zu konfiszieren > kehren Sie zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  3. Leiten Sie darauf um, die Schuld Hamas zuzuschreiben. (Wenn sie fragen, warum diese Fehde tobte, lange bevor Hamas überhaupt gegründet wurde > kehren Sie zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  4. Weisen Sie darauf hin, dass die Palästinenser die Brutalität, die Israel ihnen aufzwingt, verdient haben, weil sie für Hamas gestimmt haben. (Wenn sie sagen, das sei die selbe Entschuldigung, die Bin Laden gebrauchte, als er das World Trade Center in die Luft jagte und amerikanische Zivilisten tötete > kehren Sie zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  5. Verlangen Sie, dass das jüdische Volk das Recht zur Räckkehr habe, weil es dort vor Tausenden von Jahren gelebt habe. (Wenn sie argumentieren, dass die palästinensischen Flüchtlinge auch ein Recht auf Rückkehr haben, weil die meisten von ihnen ethnisch gesäubert wurden und immer noch die Schlüssel zu ihren früheren Häusern haben > kehren Sie  zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  6. Erwähnen Sie, dass Sharon Gaza den Palästinensern gab und dass es seither nicht mehr unter Besatzung steht, dass Hamas aber trotzdem immer noch mit Raketen schießt. (Wenn sie darauf aufmerksam machen, dass Israel auch weiterhin Gazas Luftraum, seine territorialen Gewässer und seine Grenzen kontrolliert >kehren Sie zurück zu Nr. 1.)
  7. Beschuldigen Sie die anderen Araber dafür, dass sie ihre palästinensischen arabischen Brüder nicht in ihrem Land willkkommen geheißen haben. (Wenn sie damit argumentieren, dass die Palästinenser das Recht auf Selbstbestimmung haben und dass andere arabische Staaten nicht das Chaos aufzuräumen haben, das Europa, die USA und Israel produziert haben > kehren Sie zurück zu Nr. 1.)




What are Semites?

No, we must not go back to Adam and Eve.

But to Noah.

After the Flood the story was by the way largely taken over from a Babylonian story three sons of Noah survived, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. They were assumed to be the ancestors of all mankind; Bible-believing Christians still defend this belief. So do not think that it is ancient, long-forgotten stuff.

The Tora has a genealogy, according to which everything, that the Hebrews at that time knew of peoples, was led from Shem, Ham, and Japheth: Shem themselves and recognized relationship, and Ham all who were dark-skinned and also the people from Canaan, Japhet all who lived in the West. Roughly divided. This division remained in science to the early modern period. With the discovery of other cultures, China, Japan, Indian, however, this ethnography‘, like many other biblical doctrine, became untrustworthy.

Let’s start with Ham, whose alleged descendants had to suffer the most . Ham should have gone into Noah’s tent when he slept : naked. Whether this is a euphemistic translation error , has little significance for at least 2,500 years believed history. Crucial : Ham was cursed for it, and – made ​​black, so dark-skinned. As with all of his descendants. Whereas dark is relative , because the ancient Hebrews saw as Hamites also the people from Canaan who belong to the ancestors of the Palestinians , which conveniently led to the recommendation that such a cursed people could be beaten to dead easily . Whereas the Ethiopians are much darker, but were friends , so called Semites . Plane relative. We better don’t ask to what extent this ‚ religious ‚ faith could apply to Jewish fundamentalists still .

The Christians of course took this over . The result was at best the cute black boy servant , because part of the curse was, that Ham’s descendants had to serve the descendants of the other brothers forever. The religious justification of slavery in the United States, held high and in particular in honor of the pious Ku Klux Klan. And this belief is still in the U.S., because first there is a significant number of evangelical fundamentalists and secondly, it surely appears to many as practical.

The next one is Japhet .The Europeans assigned themselves to as the progenitor . In the heyday of colonialism , a Russian researcher resumed all the nations up to the Far East under the supposedly superior Japhethites who should be able to do everything better . The Soviets adepted it and sided with all sorts brillant stuff , until 1950 Stalin ended the mischief with a word of power . Because it was pure ideological nonsense. But not entirely without consequences : the Eurasianism of the fascists Dugin will also be influenced by such rubbish – though not in linguistic terms.

The only thing that has held up in science, are the Semites . As a language family. See Semitic Science , especially a linguistics. Of course it was soon realized that the biblical classification was untenable : the old people from Canaan were clearly Semites . Semites were the ancient peoples such as the Babylonians and Assyrians , a decent semitist must be able to read cuneiform . Today, there are except smaller Syrian enclaves (not to be confused with Syria ! There one speaks Arabic ! ) as spoken Semitic languages ​​Arabic, Maltese and the revived Hebrew.

Now, what about race in this issue? Well, scientifically purely nothing. If you have even only a little idea of ​​the Ancient Near East and its development until today, you know to speak of race is utter nonsense. Especially since the ancient semitic language family probably came from East Africa and then spread from the Arabian Peninsula into a migration of peoples across the Middle East. Yes , according to recent research , the Hebrews originally came from the Arabian Peninsula . And if you know a bit of both languages ​​, Arabic and Hebrew, you also know how closely they are related to each other . In addition , all the people sitting around the Mediterranean contains everything that ever drawn or lost there . Since we’re talking of genes , then probably there is a tiny bit of Babylonian in  every Jew  – however in any Arab as well .

Now, according to old European Christianity the Jews  had the ‚wrong ‚ religion. Starting from the French Revolution this demanded scientific relining to remain credible to the believers in science of 19 Century , who though remained printed by Christian prejudices , mainly due to the onset of secularization. They kept old Sem of course and wanted to speak henceforth of Semites . This, however, did not even hold until the middle of the 19th Century , because Semitists and orientalists already existed, and the majority considered it for a complete nonsense to claim for religious reasons negative characteristics on Semites, which then also should have Assyrians , Babylonians and Arabians , after all grand old civilizations . Parasite without own culture – that did not work . So henceforth only the Jews should be Semites , which of course did not make it better . But Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Semitic Studies are exotic subjects , and though they never recognized the whole nonsense about Semites but for a name for a common language family, this doesn’t penetrate the ahistorical , pseudo- scientifically oriented ‚ normal citizens ‚ . Nevertheless , some of these pseudo- scientists made enormous efforts to ascribe anything Racial to the Jews , some genetic malice . Up to the opposite of a race : for some ‚ anti-Semites ‚ suddenly the Jews should be malicious because they just were not racially pure  , but a mixture – especially because of a high proportion of the supposedly still more evil Armenians. What , however, could not prevail , the Armenians were Christians , so did not work. Here I must ask for forgiveness : so terrible the consequences were, from a scientific point of view you can not just help it but make fun of the Semites – nonsense.

 In the end, even nazi propaganda minister had an ‚insight‘ and announced: The German policy is only directed against the Jews, but not against the Semites per se. It shall be used the term anti-jewish instead. „So also officially  the old Christian hatred of people who refuse evangelization was re-installed.Though the term „anti-Semitism“ may be still in use, with a number of Orient scientists I‚m against it. The term is totally nonsensical and wrong and gelatinizes only the realities. It directs people away from dealing with the actual historical and cultural facts, as required. It directs them not to handle problems of our European culture that cry out for criticism and coping leads.

The term „anti-Semitism“ became an integral part of fundamentalist Zionist ideology. I do not care. What is wrong, has to be abolished.

Ein Hijleh (English)

Let’s start with this map of the West Bank. That’s part of Palestine.

Blue is the Oslo Zone C. This is also partKarte of Palestine. The West Bank was occupied in 1967. At that time Ein Hijleh was ethnically cleansed and closed, the inhabitants driven out

It was plan to negotiate more in details on the Zone C, according to Oslo II, signed in 1995because that time around 130,000 Israeli settlers lived there, who had gathered since 1967 there and because Israel as usual argued with security aspects. But a partial withdrawal should have been done until 1999. Of course Israel did not do that and now there are about 300,000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank. There was another settlement freeze in between, namely 2001, in connection with the agreement of the so-called roadmap. At that time there were about 200.000 settlers in the West Bank. So you see, these agreements were in fact not worth the paper, and because EU had noticed that as well, there is now a boycott of the economy in these illegal settlements.

Who looks at the map will note that Palestine is cut off from the entire river Jordan. And therefore off the area with its most important resources, which of course includes the Jordan water. This is surely a great way to undermine the existence of farmers, because where there is no water, there’s nothing to do with agriculture. Where there are no Israeli settlements, then there are military zones, and when that looks a bit too funny, it’s just declared as a nature reserve. Quasi in stock. So it is not surprising that the Palestinian towns there, the purple dots, in no small degree live of international support.

The extreme right in Israel, which is now probably pretty much expected to be mainstream, say, the West Bank belongs to them , because it should be Judea and Samaria. Well. This is religion , so it’s them at liberty to believe that. But there are a lot of religions in the world, Judaism is certainly not the most significant , and therefore no religion may require to be recognized as the only true ( which finally any religion claims to be) , but it has to hold on the secular international law . Also the Christians have ever claimed that Palestine belongs to them , and also they ‚ justified ‚ this with their religious beliefs , according to which the Jews were not entitled to it because since Jesus there would be a new covenant with God and a new people of God , the Christians . The old Palestinians , Canaanites , Philistines, and as their ancestors were all called , are used to such claims more than 3,000 years and no one can blame them that they do not care much about; they are experienced with that.

Today the civilized world adheres to the secular international law and under that law the West Bank belongs to Palestine. Basta. Something else does not apply. Certainly the international community regards for all the people who live there, including the illegal settlers, but that does not change the territorial conditions. Shall mean, the territory of a state and the individuals who live in it are two different sites.

That the Palestinians once said it’s enough, we now turn the tables, we fetch back our traditional territory, and this quite peaceful and civil, is close – because the illegal Israeli settlers operated quite similar, only that they generally are not restrained from their purpose and are also less peaceful. Salt of the Earth“ is the program of the Palestinians, Arabic alArd Melh„. Ein Hijleh was not the first recall campaign and it will not be the last, but she was the one with the biggest attention.

The Israelis had noticed that something0102 Morgen was coming and reinforced the military patrols. But it did not help. The Palestinians were carefully planned, plunged suddenly into Ein Hijleh and within 10 minutes it was occupied by about 300 Palestinians. Not by any strangers, but mostly by people who came from the region and knew well about accordingly. That was on 31st January and the next morning it looked like this: >

That was of course nothing the Israelis did Pferdlike. At first they cordoned off the entrances, particularly the main road, Route 90 west of Jericho,  Ein Hijleh is situated near the east side of this road. In particular, water and food should not get there and of course no journalists. Confiscated water initially could peacefully be taken back and visitors, who carried something with them, too: with a big hello a whole group of Bedouins from Hebron met on horseback and they had load plenty of food for the obligatory evening party.

And there were plenty of visits. Many of the villages and towns around wanted to stop by or even spend at least one night. The Israelis could not prevent them; when they wanted to stop the buses and trucks, the cars were just driving past it.

A particular annoyance was this sign:StraßeState of Palestine  village Ein Hijleh – Welcome“, it says, and here it is held on Route 90. It annoyed the Israeli soldiers to be seen in the back on the road that much, that they tried to evacuate the village at once. With tear gas and physical effort in which the arm of a Palestinian went to break, who, after the arm at the hospital in Jericho had been splinted and supplied, undaunted returned.

Obviously, the Israelis had not to do with Bewohner u Soldatmilitants, as they usually claim, but with all  normal, peaceful citizens who were even from the region and were familiar with it the best and, as you can see here, had no special respect  in front of Israeli soldiers . On the contrary, they gave out the motto, we do all that without any violence, but we are not going away and confront with them face to face. Well, the too few soldiers could not do much  against that and went off again. Not without smearing at the carefully painted welcome screen on a wall.

There were more visitors . Perhaps mostErzbischof important Archbishop Atallah Hanna. Because the old Canaanite Ein Hijleh was a Christian- Orthodox village , therefor it actually belongs to the church. Of course, the Israelis would not let Archbishop Hanna pass by ; did not matter, he went the last kilometers to Ein Hijleh by foot, as well as a delegation of EU diplomats who also expressed their sympathy with their visit . Archbishop Hanna had nothing to say against the re-colonisation of a Hijleh and said that the churches of Palestine stood behind all this action.

Ein Hijleh was now cheerfully and colorfully Dorflebenadorned and there was a lot of activity . Old houses were repaired , trees planted, paths cleared of rubble , even a solar system was installed. Much work had to be done with the water pipe , for that was  capped four times by the Israeli army – and repaired four times by the Palestinians . Method Gaddafi , because also he capped gas, electricity and water off the Libyan cities which he besieged. Dinner was cooked and eaten together , they played music and heard lectures . It will remind you of some squatters in Western countries , only that Ein Hijleh was more colorful , cheerful, peaceful and nearer to family life .

On the night of 6 February a new chicaneKindergeburtstag came with a rather malicious look: the military circled the village in military vehicles with sirens blaring. It makes you think to a popular‘ torture method by which they seek to cave in political prisoners: systematic sleep deprivation. The residents of Nabi Saleh took this as an opportunity to cancel their Friday demonstration and instead to pull with all hands after Ein Hijleh, to spend the night there. In the evening the already pending children’s birthday was celebrated.

„We have come to stay,“ for the soldiers it was Soldatenclear that with few chicanes nothing was aligned against the Palestinians. Especially since Palestinians are likely to be against it pretty tough . Prison camps, torture, beatings , that’s what one expects anyhow. So in the night of 7th February the Israelis pulled  some 1,000 soldiers and border policemen together, like thieves in the night, and broke off. One should look into this video in order to get an idea. About 500 Palestinians, men, women and children were violently arrested, the soldiers took theMilitär children out from the ambulances , in which the adults had brought them quickly for safety ,  forced them into buses and transported them to Jericho. The hospital had of course work , because it were about 40 injured , mostly by blows with rifle butts . Some women came almost in a panic , because the Israelis had driven them  so close to the open fire, that they feared to fall into it . And yet , it took a relatively long time until the Israelis had cleared the village completely. For these civilians could not be driven out so easily  , they had almost to be carried away.

The Israelis did a ‚great‘ job: they came with bulldozers at once and you can feel the hatred that sits behind it, slowed down only by the fact that the Palestinians resisted non-violently: no beat, stones or even fireworks in a fix, as our young hooligans do so much if it goes against the Bull pigs“ (police). Just with that name our young people would probably have called the Israeli soldiers and border police, with some justification but Palestine is not a rampage game. Since this is something essential, one’s own and inherited land from which they were cooked, systematically distributed in many years, decades. Ethnic Cleansing“ it is called.

We’ll be back“ yes, that is probably true. For Ein Hijleh is still there in the occupied West Bank, as a memorial to so many other places which their ancestral inhabitants had to leave forced, but now cleaned up and dressed and with the vivid memory of happy human life that existed there for a week and that too will return again – but then probably forever.

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